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How to Paint a Front Door {and my color reveal!}

About a month ago, I asked for your help deciding what color to paint my front door. I was really stumped! Thanks to all of you for your input! We collected over 400 responses! Best.Readers.Ever!

Door Collage

Here's what you all suggested…

Red was clearly the winner with 52% of the vote and I agree that red would look fabulous on this house… if someone else owned it. For me, it's just too typical. I'm not the type that has to be different just for the sake of being different, but I do want my house to reflect me inside and out, and I just wasn't feeling the red.


So after staring at my house and this picture for what seemed like an eternity, I made my decision…


Tips for How to Paint Your Front Door 1. Clean the door well and let it dry (clearly this picture was pre-cleaning). Doors get really dingy and you want your paint on the door, not the dirt! 2. Tape your hardware Some people might suggest that taping is for a bad painter, but for me, I paid a pretty penny for this hardware and I don't want to be scraping paint off. Put your painter's pride aside and tape that baby nice and tightly!


3. Use Steel wool on any imperfections. Have any old drips or sticky spots? Steel wool will take care of that and make it nice and smooth. I had used some Zots on my door and had some sticky residue… not anymore!


4. Choose an Exterior Paint that you LOVE! Drumroll please… Introducing… Valspar's Allen & Roth: Spritz of Lime!


I love it because it keeps me wondering… Yellow or Green? Depends on the light and that's perfect with me. Gives me two colors to love!

Yellow or Green

I really am happy. I was a tad nervous… well, after the ombre door fiasco, who wouldn't be! But, it in the end she's a real beauty!


I'm not showing you the whole front of the house because there's some major landscaping DIY going on and you'll have to wait and see! I will show you my To Do list… -House Numbers (finished and tutorial for adding numbers to a metal door coming this week) -Must find the perfect rug -Make planters

To do list

So, be honest… what do you think? Would you have gone with Red or is Spritz of Lime workin' for ya? What color is your front door?

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