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How to Add {Awesome} House Numbers

Thanks for all your great comments about my new front door color. Valspar's Spritz of Lime paint might be a new obsession for me! I gave you a little sneak peek of the door numbers yesterday, but today I'll give you the full low down. Adding numbers to a metal door can be tricky, but don't worry, I made all the mistakes for you and can save you some time!

Add numbers

My front door is heavy, and metal or something like it… bottom line, it's not wood. I didn't want to make any holes in it. I found these clean lined, modern house numbers at Lowes. I had big plans to DIY numbers out of MDF, but for $4.99 each, I decided these would work just fine. I'm all about the DIY, but not when it makes more sense to just buy em!


So… metal numbers on a metal door… hmm… I'm smart (or so I think…) so I decided heavy-duty, double sided magnet was a perfect non-permanent solution. This way, depending on what wreath (or not) I have on my door, I can move the numbers around! Pure Genius!


The magnet has adhesive on one side, so just cut little strips and stick it to the back.


Like this!


Umm… Guess what?? I guess my door isn't really metal and doesn't work with a magnet. DARN! Would have been nice to check that out first. Oops!


They work great on my fridge! So if you even need house numbers on a fridge, now you know how!


Okay, plan B… off I went to Lowe's with plans to get double sided adhesive. I asked the nice man where the industrial strength tape would be found. Of course he asked about my project and had a better idea. He suggested industrial velcro.


It's nice and heavy duty, so I was swayed from my plan and gave it a try.


Apply it the same as the magnet…


Because this stuff is sticky, I wanted to be sure I had it straight. Look how muddy my level is… not really sure why…


Peel the plastic off the adhesive and firmly press on…


Wait 30 seconds and…
watch them fall to the ground. ARRRGGG! This is the point where I started to get a wee bit annoyed. Then I started to laugh… why would I think velcro was a better idea than just double sided adhesive? I must have had temporary brain loss.


Here's the winner and what I should have used from the start. So, if you want to add house numbers, just begin here and skip the other methods I tried!


Finally! There they are. Nice and permanent (well sorta, if I want to remove them I can pull them off, and I'd just need to touch up paint)

door close up

I love the way they look against the green/yellow!


And just as a reminder, here's what else I have planned for my porch!

To do list

There ya have it… 2 ways NOT to add numbers, and 1 way that works like a charm! Aren't you glad you have me to do all the trial and error for you? Do you have numbers on your door? Do Tell!

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