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I'm just Gonna Eat My Words

I figured this was going to happen at some point- me eating my words. I mean, with the hundreds of posts and millions of words we write, something had to come back and bite me. Last Fall Monica and I made this short little video for something and we're pretty sure we've never shown it to you. It's just a closer look at us, our craziness and our adorable kids. For the purpose of this post, please pay close attention to what I say at minute 1:00.

Did you catch that? I made a claim I never should I have claimed. And this is why:

Eeeeek. Can you believe that? No, neither could we. We thought we were completely done having kids after two- we even sold all of our baby stuff last year. But God has other plans for us. I'll be honest, at first, this was really hard for me to get excited about. I know, that sounds terrible. And I'm really sorry if I offend anyone, but it's true. It's just how I felt. We're just hitting our stride with our two kids- they're old enough that we aren't stuck to a schedule every day and we're finally out of diapers! Plus, Monica and I are doing some big things and it just felt like the timing couldn't be worse. However, this has reminded me that I am not in control. God knows what I need when I need it. Clearly, He wanted this baby to be a part of our family at this point in time and I can happily say that I am getting excited now! I'm due early in October and so am about 18 weeks along already!.: )
You know what else? I get to design and decorate another nursery. Woohoo! Trust me, I'll keep you in the loop with all my plans and will most likely even ask you for advice!
Have you guys ever been surprised by a pregnancy? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has had to eat their words.