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Fab Find Friday

Have you heard about this? It all started with a few kids who saw that their parents were getting involved with the organization called Sixty Feet that helps orphaned children in Uganda. They decided they would sell cupcakes and lemonade on their street corner, and they ended up doing extremely well. Now they've grown and are having a national sale this Saturday, April 16th. It's really an amazing fundraiser that and ALL the proceeds go to Sixty Feet.

There is a local cupcake sale being held at Planet Smoothie and Holly Hill Boutique from 12-4 PM tomorrow. The Lucky Cupcake Company is donating Chocolate Elvis cupcakes, and your kiddos will be able to decorate their own cupcakes, if they so choose.
Head on over there and help support an awesome cause that is helping to meet the most basic needs of children living in deplorable conditions. Happy Friday everyone!
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