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DIY Hanging Frames {Tutorial}

A few weeks ago during round 4 of Creating with the Stars, I showed you guys the bathroom makeover we did for our kids. I love this happy, colorful room- it feels so fresh and clean. One of the little projects in the room that I never mentioned were the hanging frames on the wall as you enter the bathroom.

This was a super easy project that took about 30 minutes total to complete and it's so darn cute. Let's take a look at how I made it, shall we?

I went to a World Market for the very first time while vacationing in Hilton Head, SC (we don't have one near us- boooooo) and immediately noticed these hanging frames, but they were $49.99!! I knew that with just a few cheap frames from Ikea, I could recreate this look for less!

Here's what you'll need to make your own:
- Plain frames (I got mine for 3.99 each at Ikea) — Braided rope — Staple gun (optional) — Hot glue gun — Level — Measuring tape

Step 1: Pull the arm off of your frame, if they have them, so that the frames lay flush against the wall.

Step 2: Roughly estimate how long you want the rope to be by placing the frames the same distance apart (mine are 3 inches apart) and looping the rope up and over the top and down the sides. Cut the rope. Don't worry about being exact here, you just want to make sure you have more than you'll need.

I found this awesome multi-colored rope at the Dollar Tree and am in love. (Remember? You've seen it right here before) For only a few bucks, I have more than I need so I can use it in lots of different ways!

Step 3: Place a knot a few inches down from the top so that you can easily hang your frames when you're ready. I also think this adds a fun detail to the frames!

Step 4: Lay your frame upside down on a flat surface and line it up with a straight edge. I used the edge of my countertops as my guide. This ensures that the frame will be level when you hang it up. Using your hot glue gun, dab some glue to the upper corner of your frames and hold it in place. Do this on both sides. Then run a line of glue down the sides of the frame, pulling the rope tight as you go.

Step 5: Line the next frame up and masure your desired distance (my frames are 3 inches apart) and hot glue in the same places as above. This part gets tricky, so try to keep a steady hand! But the nice thing is that if you mess up, you can just pull the rope off and do it again! (Not that that happened to me or anything:) Repeat with the remaining frame.

Step 6 (optional): Use your staple gun to shoot a few staples in the corner to secure the rope.
Step 7: Fill your frame with cute pics and hang it up! I used a large knob I had to hang the frame- I love the way it looks!

That's it! For under $10, I created a fun piece of wall decor for my kid's bathroom! Can't beat that.: )

And now I just have to ask…is there anything you can't do with a little hot glue??; )