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Disney Recap {and awesome blog alert!}

Well, we returned home from our Disney vacation on Saturday, so it's back to the grind here at our house. I just thought I'd share a little recap of our fabulous time together. There really is nothing quite like spending a whole week with the ones you love most, with no responsibilities to weigh you down. It's so rare, which is what makes it so sweet. Obviously, this is not a personal blog, so I won't go on and on about the trip, but I'll just say this: Disney World really is a magical place and I loved it just as much as the kids! (And just for the record, we travelled to Florida with my in-laws, and one of Kevin's brothers and his family, but you won't see any pictures of them here. I don't like to post pics of people without getting permission first, but it was so much fun being with them!)

My babies had such a blast and behaved so well, even on less sleep than normal!

Campbell dancing in front of the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney

We met lots of characters, but the princesses were Campbell's favorites. If you have a daughter, seeing their awestruck wonder is too precious to miss.

My fam in front of Mt. Everest in Animal Kingdom.

Just threw this one in because it's so cute. Cam didn't even know who Peter Pan was, but of course, she wanted his autograph and a picture with him. And does anyone else find it wierd that we now have all these pictures with"characters" who are real people, but who we don't know?

Hot days call for cool treats.

My main men with one of the army soldiers outside of Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios.

One of the highlights of our trip was my date night with my handsome man at Magic Kingdom. I love being with him.

My beautiful princess.

This is one happy child.

Too bad he won't remember this trip.

He became a champ at napping in the stroller.

If you're interested, you can see our Photopass pics here. If you have no clue what Disney's Photopass is, click here.

Just wanted to share the blog that I am most inspired by: The Lettered Cottage. I absolutely adore the way they've decorated their house and would love for my house to move in that direction, style-wise. Here's what I'm talking about:

These rooms are the same room! They recently redesigned their guest room (the first photo is the after photo, and the second two are the before photos), and guess what? I would take either one of those rooms and never leave.
Happy Monday! I hope you can find a little bit of magic throughout your day today!

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