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12 Awesome Fabrics {Arrows, Stars, and Narwhals Oh My!}

During my piano painting project, I knew I had to have the PERFECT fabric for the bench seat. I love big fabric stores, but my taste tends to be a bit more specific and I'll admit it… quirky. Spoonflower is my favorite source to get just the right fabrics! It's where I ordered my chair fabric for my foyer way back when (man, that was over two years ago! Time flies when you're a blogger!) It took all of about 5 seconds for me to find a plethora of fabrics I loved on Spoonflower. I went with Chevron White Stripe Tile

I love how it looks with the green piano and white keys!

Since I loved so many of the cool, trendy fabrics, I thought a little fabric round-up was in order!

#1 Bubblegum Triangles This one screams-"I'm tribal and I know it, but I really like the 80s too!" It comes in a lot of cool color varieties- I like the soft tans and pastels too!

#2- Wonderful Narwhal I don't even think this needs a comment. Narwhal= Awesome. Enough said.

#3-.a shot in water. I like how this takes a softer approach to the arrow craze. This is something I could so see in a room designed by Perfectly Imperfect

#4- Animal Constellations- dark teal I love the animals in this fabric. The fox is probably my favorite. I would love to just frame it and hang it.

#5- Vintage Cameras If you saw my knock off during CWTS, you may have noticed the huge camera art on the walls (post for that coming soon!). This fabric was obviously meant for me!

#6- Tribal Arrows Navy Maxi Yes, I'm totally on the arrow bandwagon… I like to think I'm one of the drivers because I love it so much. So this bold fabric seemed just perfect for a spring and summer full of the trend. Wouldn't some outdoor pillows look awesome with this?

#7,8,9,10 Modern Love Collection I love this entire collection. Some of my fabric choices above are seasonal or would be temporary, but theses could last a long time in the Mangin casa! I love having just a touch of quirkyness in every room, so the kangaroos are wicked cool. I like both chevrons (with and without feathers) and the modern graphic blue, would compliment them so nicely. If you're doing a space soon and needed an epic combo, here ya go!

#11- Zigzag Herringbone This has a more refined, mature feel to it (something you'd find at Jess' house) but I love the grey, orange, and brown together! Fall is my favorite season (although summer can't get here soon enough) and I think this fabric just might make an appearance in a few projects this autumn!

#12- hairpins Here's why I love it… A) it's quirky B) Bobby pin fabric ranks high on my awesome scale C) it's subtle enough that unless someone looked closely they wouldn't know just how cheeky your decor is.

So there you have it folks… some awesomely fun, trendy, and quirky fabrics! Now it's your turn… which one on my list is your fav?


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